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About Candyce

Candyce Graham, the first African-American Bikini Olympia and Arnold Bikini International Athlete grew up in Gainesville, Florida where she also attended the University of Florida earning her Bachelors in Business Economics. She is a natural-born athlete and was a top competitor in multiple sports in high school. Candyce competed in track & field, judo, cheerleading, golf and basketball. She excelled in track & field, receiving national and local recognition, as well as earning Athlete of Year and four consecutive invites to compete for the Florida state title in the 400-meter dash.

While in college, Candyce pursued fitness modeling after receiving many compliments regarding her look and physique. However without having any knowledge of the modeling industry, she had difficulty breaking in and was unsuccessful after multiple attempts. Not to be discouraged, Candyce looked into fitness competitions as an alternative way to gain exposure. Candyce was familiarized with the fitness industry at an early age by her father, a former bodybuilder, and this helped develop her strong knowledge of health and fitness.

In 2010, Candyce learned of NPC’s new bikini division and felt this would be the perfect platform to continue fulfilling her dream. She entered into her first NPC bikini competition, Orlando Europa, which is the state’s largest fitness show and won the overall bikini title. A year later, Candyce went on to become the first IFBB bikini pro of 2011 and continues to rise amongst the ranks and break barriers. Candyce is a 2x Olympia Bikini Invitee and Arnold Athlete.  Throughout her journey, Candyce has built a strong following and has had her accomplishments highlighted in various magazines such as Oxygen and Natural Muscle Magazine and has also appeared on local radio shows. This driven bikini beauty is not afraid of a challenge and is currently completing her Masters of International Business and is well on her way of not only becoming a successful fitness model but a top and respected fitness personality.