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Candyce's Top 10 Basic Nutrition Tips

Most of us know that a balanced, low-fat diet is key to nutritional health but with the vast variety of diet fads and trends, steady stream of new studies and magical diet pills, many of us are left wondering where to begin and how to apply this wealth of information. To make things easy, I adhere to these Top 10 Basic Nutrition Tips:


  1. Create a healthy environment: Make your kitchen fail-proof. Keep the junk foods out of the house, including soft drinks. You cannot eat what’s not there. Instead stock your fridge and pantry with healthy snack foods such as fresh fruits and veggies
  2. Eat a sensible and balanced breakfast – Starting the day with a healthy balanced breakfast is key to a healthy metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight
  3. Drink Water! – NO store bought sodas or juices. I drink a gallon of plain water a day. Water flushes out your toxins, reduces hunger and helps keep your skin looking youthful
  4. Be Consistent. Eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism high and your energy levels consistent.
  5. Live Guilt Free. Don’t fret over a “bad” junk food day—get right back on track the next day.
  6. Enjoy the Process. Have lots of fun and AVOID focusing on measurements from the scale—they are not a true measure of success.
  7. Exercise – Exercise for a minimum of 30 min each day even if it’s only a brisk walk.
  8. Prepare your meals –Preparing your own healthy meals will keep you on a consistent eating schedule and prevent a possible fast food or junk food splurge due to convenience.
  9. A multi-vitamin a day – Supplementing a balanced diet and with a quality multivitamin will ensure your body gets the proper and adequate nutrients
  10. Sleep – A restful 8 hours of sleep is essential for optimal health. Proper rest is necessary for muscle and soft tissue repair and also proper regulation of the hormones that affect and control your appetite.

Practice moderation, burn fuel with regular exercise and ENJOY!

Stay Fit and Fabulous,
Candyce Graham
IFBB Bikini Pro